Port and Harbour Security


Security systems for ports and harbours have become more sophisticated, providing users with a comprehensive surveillance capability. High end security systems must have an underwater surveillance capability to ensure complete protection of the port or harbour, and stop intrusions from subsea threats such as divers. Sonardyne’s Sentinel system provides such a capability, no port or harbour security system can be regarded as being complete without one.


Your Challenge

Evolving threats has prompted a greater need to invest in securing maritime assets against the actions of terrorists and saboteurs. As above the water security systems become more comprehensive, terrorists and saboteurs will exploit any weaknesses in the security system. Without an underwater surveillance capability, even the most sophisticated security system will have an exploitable weakness.


What is needed

The security of the world’s port and harbour areas is coming under increased scrutiny due to the growing concerns of a possible terrorist attack. This has prompted the increasing need for a security solution that includes subsea coverage which is automated, provides complete and detailed coverage information 24/7, and requires few training hours to master.

A solution that provides both a persistent and robust surveillance capability to monitor both above and below the water surface, as well as providing an inspection capability to regularly inspect the port and harbour against predetermined and learned security threats.


Our Solution

Developed for the protection of ports, harbours, vessels and offshore installations, Sonardyne’s range of innovative sonar and acoustic technologies represent a practical and cost effective solution to identifying subsea threats. Deployed at strategic ports in Europe, the Middle East and in the USA, they’re recognised as market-leading intruder detection sonar, providing detection, tracking and classification of underwater threats approaching a protected port or waterside asset.