BlueComm is a wireless, high speed optical communications technology that can transfer data underwater over short distances at broadband speeds. Coupled with a 6G acoustic downlink, BlueComm allows for the extraction of large amounts of data in an energy efficient manner and supports the transmission of camera imagery and high definition video in real-time. The system has been proven in deep water where it has been used to transfer high bandwidth sensor data and real-time video imagery for use in a wide range of subsea applications.


BlueComm Product Family

BlueComm 100

For shallow water applications, BlueComm High Ambient Light (HAL) transfers data at up to 5 Mps over ranges of up to 20 metres.


BlueComm 200

Suitable for moderate to low turbidity, deep, dark water beyond 350 metres, BlueComm Optical Acoustic Telemetry System (OATS) supports data transmission rates of up to 20 Mps at a maximum range of 200 metres.


BlueComm 5000

BlueComm 5000 is a laser based system which can achieve data rates of up to 500Mbps to 1Gbps over 7meters

Capabilities Up to 20 Mbps data rate
Up to 200 metres range
Suitable for shallow and deep water applications
High energy efficiency providing long battery life
Integrated data logger enables data to be recorded locally
integrated longe range acoustic communications and positioning
Data recovery via AUV, ROV or surface deployed dunking system
Applications High speed data harvesting from seabed observatories
A Tetherless ROV/AUV vehicle control
Live streaming from remote subsea cameras during operations
Umbilical-free command and control of seabed instruments
Wireless intervention using ROVs and AUVs