Underwater Vehicle - NOAS


Designed for use on manned submersible and swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs), NOAS enables faster, safer and more efficient navigation by detecting potentially hazardous underwater obstacles in their path. In 2D mode NOAS provides the crucial long range navigation information enabling underwater vessels to steer a safe course. When combined with its 3D capability, the sonar scans the water column to provide more detailed detection of obstacles, and mapping of the seabed in front of the vessel.



Range / Field of View 75m, 150m, 300m, 600m, @ 90° (Depth mode)
25m to 150m x 180°, 300m @ 120°, 600m to 1500m @ 90° (Sonar mode)
1,500m @ 180° (Intruder Detection mode)
600m (3D imaging)
1,500m (Obstacle avoidance
Operational Speed Up to 25 knots
Weight in Air 95 kg (Sonar array), 11.5 kg (Projector)
Chart Overlay ENCX. Supports ENC (S-57), ARCS, NOAA RNCs
Bottom Mapping Ratio Up to 20x water depth
Maximum Depth Detection 50 metres below keel
Power Requirements <150 Watts
Operating Frequency 70 kHz with 20 kHz bandwidth
Maximum Output Power 208 dB re 1µPa @ 1m
Angular Accuracy ~0.2
Roll/Pitch Stabilisation ±20°
In-Water Target Ping Stabilisation 208 dB re 1µPa @ 1m
Maximum Output Power Yes
User Definable Automated Alarms Yes
Display of Ship's Navigation Information Latitude, Longitude and Heading
Operating System Windows 7
Integration into 3rd Party ECDIS/ECS Multi-vendor