Deep Water Tracking - Ranger 2 USBL


Ranger 2 is a high performance acoustic position system designed for tracking underwater vehicles and positioning of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and reference transponders on the seabed. The system uses the Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning method to calculate the position of multiple subsea transponders mounted on subsea vehicles (AUVs) or points of reference, by measuring the range and bearing from a vessel-mounted transceiver to an acoustic transponder. Multiple subsea assets over a wide area and range of water depths can be simultaneously and precisely positioned.



Ranger 2 is available in two versions. In standard configuration, Ranger 2 allows up to 10 subsea transponders to be simultaneously tracked from a surface vessel. Operating ranges of greater than 6,000 metres are achievable and the system supports all industry standard output telegrams. One second position updates are achievable in any water depth.

Ranger 2 Pro is designed for complex operations where any number of subsea transponders can be tracked. Multiple transceivers and attitude compensation sensors can be simultaneously interfaced into Ranger 2 Pro allowing for highly redundant, bespoke installations. Ranger 2 Pro also supports integration with subsea inertial navigation technologies (e.g. Sonardyne SPRINT), external triggers for acoustic synchronisation and user configurable displays.

Operating Range >6000 metres
System Accuracy Typical Optimised 0.2% of Slant Range.
Optimised 0.1% of Slant Range.
Depending on the installation quality, system accuracy can vary greatly. Where every effort is made to ensure the rigidity of the deployment pole, an appropriate transceiver has been selected and the vessel’s AHRS is high quality, standard Sonardyne USBL systems have been proven to achieve 0.1% of slant range error. In 1,000 metres, this is equal to 1 metre.
Number of Targets Tracked 1 surface, unlimited subsea
Position Update Rate 1 second, independent of water depth
Output Telegrams Supports all industry standard survey and DP telegrams